“Wow, where to start! I’m 55yo and have been taught yoga by many, many teachers from when I was 12yo. Krystal is the only teacher I have connected to on a spiritual level. She is incredible! I have participated in many of her different classes, and love them all. I always feel like I’m the only one in her class! I never feel self-conscious. Krystal shares part of herself with you every time, and it’s special! Love, love, love Krystal!”

-Cara Ward

“I loved experiencing Krystal Yamamoto‘s grounded clear presence in her yin yoga class when I was at the Bay of Fires in Tasmania on holiday. I highly recommend her classes if you are ever visiting there. All the locals are super lucky to have her! Krystal’s knowledge feels embodied and I think thats what I loved about her class the most. I felt held by her comfort with herself, the kind strong resonance in her voice and the love and experience she shared. Thank you soooo much Krystal”

-Ella Rose Goninan (Director Renew Fest)

“Krystal is a passionate yogi filled with knowledge, love, experience and pure heart. You will be guided on a journey of power, strength whilst feeling extremely supported and seen. A true gift of a passionate yoga teacher. Thank you for all that you bring to the mat. I am so grateful I get to experience your classes and learn from you”

-Beck Hall (Studio Owner Beck Hall Yoga)

“Krystal’s classes are magical, never a dull moment in her flows, there full of energy and creativity, in such a short time my practice has improved with the guidance she has given me”

-Tagz Hamdache (Studio Owner The hot yoga boutique)

“Yes, Krystal’s words and adjustments and her own asana practice are all amazing, but it’s her presence and awareness that help create the space for simply being and belonging. I love her dynamic vinyasa classes which are sometimes physically challenging but always about the experience, and also her beautifully nourishing yin yoga classes. As a fellow yoga teacher, I learn so much from her every time and it’s a treat when I get to be in her class”

-Chami Nagai (Studio Owner Migiwa Yoga Space)

“Krystal has an amazing way of presenting the class with a real flow it almost feels like your dancing, she explains the move perfectly that helps keep a smooth practice.”

-Crystal McKellar

“If you’re looking to really connect and understand how to overcome your limits then I highly recommend Krystal Yamamoto, a beautiful soul and an absolutely magical experience every time! Thank you for your genuine guidance #inspired

-Sarah Sleiman

“In Krystal’s class, you will always find peace and stillness in within while going through her program. Always I am left longing for more after every classes of hers and recently I managed to perform certain poses that never I my wildest dream I could ever do it. All thanks to Krystal’s teaching, guidance and encouragement. Namaste”

-Donny Lim