Book “Resilience Through Yoga & Meditation VOL. III”


My chapter is titled “When it hurts, Love more”. My story has seen some beautifully inspiring moments and deeply treasured memories, but interwoven into the fabric that comprises my journey thus far… there has also been heartbreaks, betrayals, toxic behavioral patterns and abuse. It has always been instinctive in me to share in story with people I have crossed paths with in this human experience, and I have learnt that most of us share a common story. We have all suffered, felt lost, alone, hurt and angry.

Through the resonance of these “low vibration” emotions we have all at a time in our lives, or perhaps like me for a large part of life, engaged in self-harming and destructive actions and thoughts. I have learnt that this is because these energies feed on itself almost like an autoimmune virus. But what happens when something “bad” happens and instead of reacting, you focus on becoming aware of the patterns that usually lead from “bad” event to painful reaction? What happens when you allow yourself to pause and find somewhere safe where you can allow yourself to just sit with and breathe into these emotions? I found this safe space in my yoga and meditation practice.

Yoga and Meditation taught me how to act with compassion towards myself and it blossomed into self-love! I learnt to witness my emotions as passing tides and that staying with my practice means that I am able to act consciously towards only that which serves me. There is one emotion that always serves me and I believe it to be the same for all of us here on earth! LOVE!!!

My story is targeted towards man/woman, old/young from whatever career background or lifestyle choice that seeks the path of finding and maintaining inner peace. We have all been “through it” and I believe that resilience is the act of transforming that, which pains you… to grow you. We cannot control the events that take place in our lives; we can only control the way in which we perceive it. Yoga and meditation is the platform where I feel most connected to such mastery, thus nurturing my ability to act with resilience. My sole intention is to share my journey with anyone that can take from my story to positively impact theirs in any way, shape, or form!

Namaste x

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